About Us

The story of Kalm Paws begins with one silly, nervous puppy, named Royce. Eugene and Marisa adopted a dog, who was arguably one of the most anxious dogs in the world! He barked at trees, ran away from pretty much any household item, and would run under the bed when he heard a knock on the door.

Eugene went out trying to find something that would calm him down. Pig Ears were a good distraction, bones would make his tail wag, but nothing really calmed him down. We tried many natural remedies (including rubbing the ears), and than we finally found CBD drops. We put a few drops in his meals, and it WORKED MAGIC!

We thought there had to be more dog owners like us. More owners with scared, nervous, or older dogs who have joint pains. So we figured out how to infuse all natural CBD oils, into all natural treats, and BOOM! Kalm Paws was born. We strive the bring the highest quality treats, to owner who truly care about their pets. Your dogs health is our number one concern, and we brought this product to life to help your four legged friend.

Three puppies and a bawl of treats.